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OCTURA Y500 SERIES PROPS. The Y5 series props have the same blade profile and lift as the X4 series but have 10% extra pitch to their blades

Y535 becu..............£10.25
Price: Please call
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OCTURA Y531 pl. prop.  pitch 1.877"	Y531 has 10% more pitch than the X4 series.


Y531 has 10% more pitch than the X431. Bore is 1/8" which can be opened to 4mm. or can be threaded 4mm. The material for this prop is remarkable strong
Price: £2.35
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OCTURA Y534 pl. prop.  pitch 2.059"


Y5 series prop which has 10% more pitch than X4 series. This drive dog prop has a 1/8" bore and can be threaded 4mm if required.
Price: £2.35
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OCTURA Y535 becu,  pitch 2.125"


This prop has a 1/8" bore and can be threaded 4mm.  10% more pitch than the X435. Use when your running out of top end speed with your X435.
Price: £13.95
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OCTURA Y536 becu, pitch 2.2"
3/16" bore. Pitch is 2.20" compared with an X438 0f 2.10"."
Price: £16.95
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OCTURA Y537/3 becu, pitch 2.28"
 37mm diam. with 10% more pitch that an X437/3 prop"
Price: £18.95
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OCTURA Y547 becu, 2.85"pitch
The same blade profile as the X4 series props but has 10% more pitch than the X447. Good for high powered 7.5cc motors.

X447 pitch is 2.59"
Y547 pitch is 2.85"
Price: £18.25
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OCTURA Y557  3.45"pitch


Ideal replacement for your X457, when your engine can't quite drive an X460. Great on a 15cc mono and cats."
Price: £20.95
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OCTURA Y572/3 becu. 4.37" pitch.


72mm dia. x 110.9mm pitch.  For use on the higher torque twin inline 26cc + motors using surface drive on Monos,  Hydros & cats. A good prop for 30-35cc motors."
Price: £39.95
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Thread 1/8" bore prop
Threading of 1/8" bore drive dog propeller
Price: £1.25
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OCTURA® Prop Balancer


The OCTURA® balancer consists of an extruded ali base incorporating two parallel steel rods for the prop balancing rod to roll on. There is a levelling screw in the base and three imperial size rods for the props. 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4", which are stored in the base body, plus instructions
Price: £48.95
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OC4MM2187 Adapter 4mm shaft to 3/16" shaft
OC4MM2187 Adapter 4mm to 3/16" shaft. Fits ont a 4mm shft to allow the use of props with a 3/16" bore
Price: £7.65
Out of Stock

Hub insert reducer 3/16" - 4mm
Brass reducer to insert into 3/16" bore prop hub to go onto 4mm shaft.
Price: £1.25
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Balance & Polish 35-47mm 3 blade
Balance and Polish 3 blade props 35mm up to 50mm
Price: £8.50
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Balance & Polish 27-35mm 2 blade
Balance and polish 2 blade props 27mm and to 60mm.
Price: £8.00
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Balance & Polish 50-72mm 3 blade
Balance & polish 3 blade props
Price: £9.50
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Balance & polish 36-82mm 2 blade
Balancing & polishing 2 blade props from 67mm up to 82mm
Price: £9.00
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